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Here’s a sample of 10 things you’ll learn in the book.

  1. How to establish and maintain a time and place to write
  2. Using index cards to define your main characters
  3. Clever ways to plot your novel
  4. Creating a strong protagonist readers will identify with, care about
  5. Establishing a flow chart for your novel’s events
  6. Simple ways to build suspense
  7. Techniques to let your characters dictate the narrative, solve the plot
  8. Ways to move the plot forward with dialogue
  9. How to make your novel a ‘page turner’
  10. Best methods to publish and market your book
  • Guide for the beginning or experienced novelist
  • Proven daily formula
  • Packed with advice, tips, encouragement, tasks, wisdom, and inspiration

Author John Coyne’s HOW TO WRITE A NOVEL IN 100 DAYS might well be the best tutorial ever published on the craft of writing novels. The genius of this book is that Coyne leads you through each chapter and exercise. He makes complex concepts straightforward and easy to understand. Learn how to marry your creative muse with the technical structure of a well crafted novel. Coyne’s skill as a writer has been recognized and praised by many well known writers of today, including Jason Boog, Mark Brazaitis, and Stephen King.

About John Coyne

This bestselling author has published 12 novels and a total of more than 25 books of fiction and nonfiction in many genres, including mystery, horror, romance, sports, history and instructional/how to. His work has also appeared in national magazines such as Smithsonian, Glamour, TV Guide and Travel & Leisure. In this, his latest book, Coyne also brings impressive teaching credentials to bear: He has taught creative writing at the high school and college levels, conducted writing workshops in major cities throughout the United States and online, and taught English and writing in Africa. HOW TO WRITE A NOVEL IN 100 DAYS is the culmination of Coyne’s vast experience and success as a novelist and a teacher, an indispensable guide that will help unlock amazing stories waiting to be told by anyone who dares to be a writer.


“Coyne is an extremely talented man who plays rough. He goes as far as you can go—and then takes it a mile further. For those of us twisted enough to dig horror which suddenly accelerates into overdrive…I was totally under its power.” -Stephen King

“It is possible to write a novel in 100 days. John Coyne knows the secret which he is now sharing” -Mark Brazaitis

“It is an invaluable contribution to the craft of writing” -Mamie Mueller

“It is a gift to anyone who ever thought she wanted to try to write a novel, but didn’t know how to go about doing it” -Rachel Toor

“It’s like having a great coach sitting next to your computer, taking you through the steps” –Laurence Leamer

“It is the perfect prescription for anyone who has ever dreamed of writing a novel” -Tony D’Souza