How to Write a Book in 18 Holes

Posted on Neil Sagebiel’s Website – February 19, 2016

I recently published a book entitled How To Write A Novel in 100 Days. Now I thought I might attempt to tighten that frame of reference (and time) and focus on, How To Write a Book in 18 Holes.

Over my writing career I have published three novels on golf, and edited three books of golf instruction. I have some advice on how to do both for anyone who writes or plays golf, or both, like myself.

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Hobgoblin Is Getting Republished!

From HachiSnax Reviews – published October 16, 2015

It is very rare these days that a snippet of news gets me truly excited. You know, those announcements that stoke a new excitement, or tap a nostalgic vein and yank you forcefully down memory lane. On a recent saunter through some familiar sites, I spotted one such example.

I think I made it abundantly clear in my review of it how much I love John Coyne’s 1981 fantasy role-playing inspired horror yarn Hobgoblin. If you haven’t read my review yet, please give it a look here.

Well, on a visit to John Coyne’s website (where my review is generously linked), I saw the news: Dover Publications is repubshing Hobgoblin, to be released on November 18th! Check out the great new cover:


Isn’t that neat? I mean, I love the cover on my old copy, but this really taps into the influences of Celtic Mythology that is utilized in the book.

You can pre-order the new edition of Hobgoblin on Amazon here.


Long Ago and Far Away Review by Tadias Magazine

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Pelham Author Coyne To Give Writing Tips At The Manor Club in Pelham

As Seen in the Feb. 27, 2015 Edition of The Pelham Weekly

Pelham Author Coyne To Give Writing Tips At The Manor Club. Pelham author John Coyne will speak at The Manor Club next week in a talk designed for those who have always wanted to write their own novel and wondered what is the key to a successful book. Or, maybe they wanted to explore the world through fiction. He will be speaking on Thursday, March 5 at 7:30pm. John Coyne’s latest novel “Long Ago and Far Away” draws on his life and experience to tell a tale of star-crossed lovers, spanning several decades and traveling across four continents. Revolving around the tragic 1973 death of a young woman in Ethiopia, “Long Ago and Far Away” uses a series of flashbacks in that country, Spain, New York, Washington and elsewhere to tell the story of Parker Bishop and Irish McCann, lovers who were driven apart by the death of their friend and the resulting trial which left questions as to whether the death was a murder or an accident. Mr. Coyne, a graduate of St. Louis University, served with the first Peace Corps volunteers in Ethiopia before becoming a novelist and college administrator. He has written more than 20 books of fiction and non-fiction, and edited three books on golf instruction. This prolific writer will share his tips on how to write a page turner before breakfast. He will share his secrets, some of his golf stories and some of his experiences in the Peace Corp. This event is open to the public. Members free. Guests $10. Refreshments will be provided.


John Coyne Interviewed by Bill Thompson

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