New Golf for Women

In 1973 John Coyne interviewed leading professional women on the LPGA tour — Kathy Witworth, Sandy Palmer, Jane Blalock, Pam Barnett, Mary Mills, Sandy Haynie, Judy Rankin and Betty Burfeindt — about the game of golf. Here in simple, clear language are the words of golf wisdom from women on the professional tour. Every aspect of golf is discussed and whether you are a player who is just starting out or a seasoned golfer, there is information in this book that takes the reader to the next level of the game. Driving, putting, playing, fitness and fashion are all addressed in the timeless — except for the fashion — New Golf for Women. This instructional book is perfect for the woman who just wants to play and have an enjoyable round of golf, and the serious student of the game. Read how the real pros play. See how they make their shots in understandable prose and clear instructional photographs.