How to Make Upside-Down Dolls

Famed upside-down dolls of the mountain craftsmen of North Carolina with complete directions, dozens of how-to diagrams, patterns and photographs showing each doll in glowing color. Matching patterns for dual sides such as MARY AND THE LAMB; GOLDILOCKS AND THE THREE BEARS; SHOW WHITE AND SEVEN DWARFS; CINDERELLA, STEPMOTHER AND STEPSISTERS; LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD, GRANDMOTHER AND THE WOLF; LITTLE BOY BLUE AND THE SHEEP; ALICE, THE MAD HATTER AND THE MARCH HARE; PETER, PETER AND HIS WIFE; MOTHER HUBBARD AND HER DOG; LITTLE MISS MUFFET AND THE SPIDER. Includes fabric requirements, cutting, sewing, stitching, stuffing, working tips, sewing niceties, enlarging patterns, note on measurements.

eBay review on 03/25/10 by haein1956
This book has very thorough instructions to recreate the story book dolls originating from the mountains of NC. The forward contains the history of these dolls and brings one to really appreciate how these dolls were born. All my favorite fairy tale characters are here, from Little Red Robin Hood, probably one of the most common, to Blue Boy and his sheep, perhaps alittle more obscure. The patterns photocopy well for making patterns and the sewing instructions were thorough, illustrated and well thought out. I give it an excellent rating.